Taeda Pine

Common Name: Accoya®

Scientific Name of base material: Pinus radiata 

Accoya® modified timber has properties that match or exceed those of the best tropical hardwoods and treated woods, yet is manufactured using wood from sustainable sources. Accoya® is the world's leading high technology long life wood.

Accoya® is wood, but not as you know it. It is modified timber in which a process called acetylation, a cutting-edge patented technology, enables it to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades. Guaranteed for 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground or freshwater, its performance and properties are remarkable. From joinery for the home to bridges submerged in water, Accoya® long life wood is a leading material that stands up to every application challenge – decking, wood cladding and more.

Region:  Radiata pine is widely planted across the Southern Hemisphere as a plantation-grown species.

Durability: Very durable.

Workability: Excellent workability, allowing for a superior finish.

Common Uses:  Some of the most common applications that Accoya® is used for; windows and doors, wood cladding, wooden decking and structural.